Monday, September 5, 2011

in trouble

i knew it was too quiet one afternoon
when it's too quiet there is usually trouble brewing
i went into my room and discovered the evidence...
looks like lipstick on the door
and the wall
i followed the trail
another door
and the counter
and here is the culprit...
in case you wondered!

tears were shed
punishment was given
although i'm not sure how effective time out is when you are taking pictures 
i just couldn't help it
because i knew i would want to remind her of this when she is 16 and again when she has children:)

call me weird, but i kind of love these little "signs" she is marking our home up with
it's such a reminder of God's gift to my life
for a long time my home was perfect
and lonely
i don't feel that way anymore!
(but, i hope she doesn't use lipstick on my walls again either!)
Thank you, Jesus for this gift of life!


Laurie said...

OH MY! I guess the silver lining is that it looks like she's trying to write her name??? :) I SO know what you mean about loving it because of what it represents. Same feeling I get when I take care of a bloody nose in the middle of the night.... I waited a LONG time to be awakened by a child in need. It rarely bothers me.

Dan and Karen said...

I'm sorry, but I did have to laugh...especially when I saw that very nice "M" written in lipstick...and it IS a lovely shade on her : )

I know you are soaking in every moment and it is precious!

So...what takes lipstick off walls? : )


Tricia said...

Un oh! LOL I have to laugh as she is very creative! Good luck getting that off the walls. She is just precious and I know what you mean about it not mattering because we wanted and needed them so badly. She is just beautiful and I can tell you are as happy as you have ever been. That is a great picture of you two.

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