Sunday, September 25, 2011

Yea Sewanee's Right

we had a beautiful autumn weekend in middle Tennessee!
saturday morning we packed up the whole family and headed to sewanee, tn 
to tailgate and watch the  football game with the kids

sewannee is home to the university of the south, which is eddie's alma mater
he was there from 1990-1994 and played football
we enjoyed tailgating and watching him play for 4 years
the memories are definitely a highlight for our whole family
my grandparents, parents, and i would drive down and unpack the most delicious picnic lunches
homemade by my granny:)
we would watch the game and then walk around the campus, visit the guys, and come back home
during that time i was in high school
and immensely enjoyed my weekends decked out in purple (the university color) 
and traveling to meet all of his cute fellow football players see the games
this is a HUGE advantage to having an older brother
who plays football
i had 8 years (4 years of High School and 4 of college)
surrounded by some really cute and nice older guys!

but, back to the story...
the university of the south will be at the top of the list every time
Sewanee sits between nashville and chattanooga
on top of a beautiful mountain surrounded by lakes, caves, and gorgeous scenery
all of the buildings have goth-styled architecture
which makes it seem like you have just entered Europe

if you live in the south you need to take a family trip sometime and experience it for yourself
especially in the fall
simply gorgeous!

the kids loved the school mascot, the tiger! 

watching for the football team

as you might guess, the kids didn't stay for much of the game! ha!
mom and i took them for a walk around campus
which made for a very quiet drive home:)

even the newer building have the same feel as the oldest ones

i told the kids this was the castle in beauty and the beast
so when we walked inside they had to tiptoe and be quiet
it worked!

the most famous building on campus is all saints chapel
it is simply gorgeous!

since we were in church, i told them they had to pray:)

the university is episcopal, however our family is southern baptist
so we are not used to kneeling pads in our churches
but, i took them out and showed the kids what they were for
madison, loved it and went back to ask her dad if he prayed when he was in college
i told her i was quite sure he prayed a lot!  ha!!

love this house/building?

all of the students dress up for games
i wish i had taken more pictures of them b/c it is quite a scene
these girls are in simple sun dresses and boots of course
but, some of them really get decked out
the guys are in everything from kilts to shirts & ties
it's quite interesting!

"Yea, Sewanee's Right!" is the school motto and the last line of an old football cheer


Cheryl said...

The campus is very pretty, love the chapel!

Melissa's Thoughts said...

I've always wanted to go and see this campus. It's gorgeous!!

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