Saturday, October 8, 2011

Disney on Ice

we had a very fun-packed saturday!
we started out the day enjoying disney on ice
i was really looking forward to seeing molly's reaction to seeing all of the princesses
and she was super enthralled with it all from beginning to end!
she sat in her seat the whole time mesmerized by the show
we didn't even get up during the intermission

 (my pictures all seem overexposed
and the ones inside the arena are really on the wrong settings:(
i need to learn to use the appropriate settings asap)
 this was really funny...on our way to the arena i was snapping pictures of ms. priss
and a homeless woman offered to take our picture
i reluctantly agreed, and right when i handed her my camera i thought she is going to run off!  ha!
she kept backing up with it, but thank goodness she didn't run off
i was just thinking...she will be able to out run me and i have pictures on there that are not loaded onto my computer just yet!  
of course, she followed us a couple blocks asking for $
but, she was harmless
 i have been looking for this dress for a few years!  ha!
i first saw it on a blog, probably 5 years ago
the little girl was at disney world
and it was just so simple and adorable
i was so happy when i found it on ebay a few months ago in molly's size!
molly has the cinderella and snow white dress
i really want to take her to disney before she outgrows these dresses
it's shallow, i know:)

 in nashville, we have our own star walk!

 i was disappointed they didn't have the real characters out for pictures before the show
i guess they want you to make a trip to the actual DW for that!
i ordered our tickets during the presale this summer
and was able to get 2 tickets on the first row
we had great seats!
we sat right beside sheryl crow, scott hamilton, and one of the guys in rascal flatts
totally cool!
we also sat next to the adoption attorney who finalized molly's re adoption here at home which was really fun
she had her son there and as we talked, she said you seem really familiar
(we had only met once 5 years ago at the beginning of the process, the re adoption was all done through mail)
so, after we chatted we connected the dots! 

the best part was at the end of the show when all of the skaters came out together
molly (and the other kids) was able to walk right up to the edge of the ice and shake their hands
when she saw belle up close, she was so amazed!
we were too close to take pictures and it was all so fast
i was just enjoying the moment
that's when i mentally booked our trip to DW!  ha!

 after the show, we took in all of downtown nashville
it was such a beautiful day!
molly was totally into all of the street performers throughout the city!
(for out of towners--there are singers literally on every corner of downtown nashville!  and they are usually good:))

 and we took a carriage ride (horse and buggy) around downtown to end the afternoon
(yes, molly insists on wearing her glasses upside down)
what a really great saturday with my girl!!

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Becky said...

That looked like so much fun!! I have only been to Disney World once but really would like to get back. Molly has such a wardrobe!

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