Tuesday, October 4, 2011

sunday school update

well, we gave sunday school another round this weekend
and, i'm proud to say that it went better
it was still a rocky start ( i left her screaming and crying)
but, i came back to find her having a snack with her friends (no tear in sight)

after about 30 minutes of being upset, she finally bonded with her teacher, ms. debbie!
praise Jesus!
so, i really am keeping my fingers crossed this will last for next week too.

we stopped to take some celebratory pictures at a nearby park after church
it's just so pretty!

she was SO proud of herself today!
and i am glad she was able to bond with a "stranger" for the first time


Becky said...

Love that little dress! I can tell you truly enjoy being a mom!

Cheryl said...

Perious pics, love the eye rolls.
I pray she will continue to do well.

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