Sunday, October 2, 2011

toddlers and tiaras?

do these pictures make you think of this horrible tlc show?  
saturday night i wanted to experiement a little with molly's hair, but didn't have the correct curlers
so i brought out my huge velcro rollers from some time ago when i had longer hair

she was so hilarious!   once i started rolling her hair up i couldn't stop:)
it made me think of that show
(which i have watched out of sheer amazement and boredom at times)

molly has perfect hair
a bit bouncy, but not curly
smooth and shiny and it does not tangle easily
it will hold curl nicely

so once i get the proper rollers we will do this more often
and maybe she can sleep in them.

i have vivid memories of my mom rolling my hair on saturday night for church the next day
do you remember the pink spongy rollers that you would sleep in?
(or am i the only one?)
mom and i would be in the bathroom screaming (her) and crying (me)
all for beauty
and in the meantime eddie and my dad would be watching a football game and laughing at us! time i curl her hair i will take after pictures:)


Anonymous said...

I used the same pink rollers! And we had the same Saturday night routine, had to look pretty for church on Sunday morning!

caryn said...

Ha ha, I have watched Toddlers & Tiaras for the same reasons as you! Before I even read the part about the pink sponge rollers I had falsh backs to my mother doing up my hair in them the night before church, a holidy or school pictures. I can still remember the feeling of trying to sleep in them. I'll have to pick some up to try in my 3 year old Ellie's hair.

Oh and yes you do need to have an after picture next time!

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