Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Decor and Fashion

i'm about to start the removal of all things christmas
and it's kind of sad:(
but, after 5 weeks i'm kind of read to get things cleaned up and back to "normal" around here too

so, before the mass cleaning begins i thought i'd take a look back and make sure i captured all of our christmas spirit appropriately 

the tree was so pretty this year
we slid it in the corner for the first time and it found it's rightful place

i love reach detail of the tree and every ornament that hangs on it
they each have a story to tell

i love the freedom of decorating for christmas in mostly pink decorations:)

this year i brought in sprigs of live evergreen so it smelled like christmas even though i have an artificial tree

for the first time this year i put lights and decorations outside
molly loved it:)

i loved the constant glow of the christmas tree inside

this year molly was a little more into our elf on the shelf
she originally named him "ted" on day 1, but then just resorted to calling him elf on the shelf each day
we'll wait to name him in a few years maybe
he's really a sneaky guy and gets into lots of stuff, but i didn't take a picture each day

and finally, just for my memory i have to include her wardrobe pictures
she had lots of adorable casual outfits, but i mainly took pictures of her dresses
i love having a girl!!

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