Tuesday, January 31, 2012

the greatest show on earth

this weekend, molly and i had a great time at the circus!
we went last year and liked it so much, i decided to go again this year

it was a gorgeous sunny day and we enjoyed our time outside in downtown nashville!
 molly's favorite again this year is the elephant...

 but, that was until she saw the lion!
thanks to the lion king...lions are her all time favorite animal!!
 however...she did not like the "tall man"
the walking on stilts scared her
 it was a wonderful show
and, i agree with molly
the elephants are my favorite!

 not smiling for the picture after the show
she was ready for a good nap!
 and, fell asleep in the car with her lighted wand thing buzzing the whole way home!
 we bought the white tiger at the circus to add to her collection on lions, tigers, and puppies
these are her all time favorite things to play with right now
she will line them up like this
"feed them"
stroll them
and simulate scenes from the lion king movie with them
it is so cute!

1 comment:

Jen said...

Those photos are absolutely ADORABLE! You have to tell us what kind of camera you use. You take the best photos.

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