Sunday, February 26, 2012

Valentine's Day Recap...belated

everything about this month has been late for me
i'm not sure why?
it's a jam packed month with birthdays, holidays, and we threw in a weekend getaway to make it even more hectic:(

but i just mailed a birthday card to my friend whose bday is on february 1st
and i just gave my brother his gift and card yesterday for his big 4-0 birthday on the 1st as well
25 days late...what's up?
i did message them a birthday message on facebook on their actual birthday
i wonder if facebook is allowing me to procrastinate more than i normally would?

 i was decorated for v-day on time this year
simple decorations i've had  along with some fresh red tulips

 i find it hilarious that even traditional v-day candy has modern messages like email me and text me!
 we had a few days cold enough for a fire
but mostly, our weather has been way too warm for winter time.
i didn't take a picture of our v-day dinner 
but i'm trying to start some annual traditions with molly
and so we had spaghetti, salad, and french bread
chocolate dipped strawberries, red velvet cake, and movie & popcorn
the traditional v-day movie for us...lady & the tramp!
(thus, spaghetti night)
it was really fun and something to look forward to each year for sure!

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Shauna and MacLean said...

So sweet i so enjoy seeing your girl enjoying an amazing life!

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