Saturday, March 17, 2012

grandma's house

 do these look like sick children to you?
i just had to record this because it's too cute!

my mom retired from her home daycare in december, but she still keeps molly for me for the rest of this school year.
well, it didn't take madison long to figure out that mama maze is at home all day with molly and no other kids and if she played her cards right she could spend the day with them too!
all she had to do was say she was sick and she got to go to grandma's house for the day:)
then eddie caught onto it and said if the girls are there he wants to be there too!
and before she could say 'retired' she had a room of 3 kiddos again!

this is so hilarious to me because i did the same thing as a child.
my grandma sherrill had a very large "home"daycare (like 100+ kids)
it was actually a full size basement converted to a daycare and they kept the upstairs as their home.
but, i knew that if i didn't quite feel up to being at school for a whole day i could call my grandma and she'd come to school and get me.
in fact, i was so smart about it i would tell the secretary of my elementary school to skip calling my mom and just call grandma
the secretary and school staff knew my grandma and so they would do it
until my mom caught onto the plan...

when grandma would come to get me from school because i was "sick" we would go shopping, sometimes yard sale-ing, and then she would take me to her house and make me grits with lots of butter!

EVERYTIME i went to her house i ate grits!
i  just love that memory.

i'm really glad that molly and her cousins will have such fun memories with their grandma to pass on to their kids! 


Tricia said...

Great memory Amy. And what fun for the cousins to have their own. Glad for your mom retiring. I hope she has enjoyed it do far.

Laura McGee said...

I better not let Ethan know about that or he will be "sick" too.

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