Sunday, March 4, 2012

week in review

this post has some random pictures from the week...
first off, we went to a disney live performace today of the three classic fairy tales
snow white, cinderella, and beauty and the beast 

i snapped a few pictures until the attendant made me put my camera away...
that's me...livin' on the edge:)

 she LOVES  the 7 dwarfs and really enjoyed seeing them all on stage

 of course the fab 4 were all there
 she wore her cinderella dress
she wore the matching snow white dress here
they are made by mulberry street, the fairy tale collection
and i have admired them for many years
i usually get on ebay sporadically and just search "mulberry street" to see if any pop up
that is how i bought both of these.
 both of her dresses are now a size two and sadly she has taken a growth spurt lately so i think their names are numbered...
i've googled how to freeze time so i can keep her just as she is right this moment
but, i'm finding it cannot be done:(
the days pass too quickly 
and so i'm enjoying every minute of each stage she goes through!
 i think she's watching and reading about too many fairy tales
because lately when i ask her to do something (pick up toys, go to bed, get her shoes, etc.) she answers with, "Yes, your majesty"!
she has me rolling!!
 after the show tonight we had dinner and were talking about the princesses
she said cinderella, snow white, and belle all had princes
i said, "but we don't have a prince"
she said, "you don't need a prince, mommy"
so cute!
although, i am living out most of my fairy tale
i do sometimes wish for my prince charming to come too!

today at church, she wore another adorable farm smocked dress i've had put away for a while.
we've been skipping church this winter
which has only been because of my lack of uummph to get up and get going on sunday mornings.
sometimes the weekends pass so quickly and there is so much to do...single motherhood kicks my but sometimes!

friday was dr. seuss day and she was dressed for the occasion
she loves that dog cage, she usually takes it with us when we go places
it's full of doggy doctor care items and several dogs!
i also made two cute snacks for my students at school on friday
both of these images and ideas are from pintrest
Dr Seuss snackage
cat in the hat cookies from here
Read Across America Day
and green eggs and "ham" (bacon) from here

and finally, don't you love this picture?  
i always find random toys or stuffed animals around the house these days.
you never know when or where something will pop up.
molly loves playing with her lions and wild animals as she mimics scenes from the lion king
so, she is always hanging lions from drawers, tables, stools, etc.
it's hilarious!

 hope you all have a great week!

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Becky said...

At least she didn't answer 'Yes Miss Hannigan' like my daughter did once. Obviously TOO much Annie!

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