Saturday, June 16, 2012

molly's first vacation

molly and i headed out for a few days of summer vacation
our destination:
pigeon forge, tn

this was our first vacation or trip by ourselves
and i wanted to go somewhere within a few hours of home
to just "test the waters" of traveling as a single mom
 also, we have plans to go to a much bigger theme park this fall
for a longer vacation
and i needed to make sure we would be up to it! ha!
 she love every minute of it!
we had a great time and i wish we could have stayed longer
i planned it perfectly for the middle of the week when the crowds would be the lightest
and the hotel rates the cheapest!

she loved all of the rides and we also watched 2 different shows in dollywood
one was this educational presentation pictured below
featuring live birds, owls, and a bald eagle
it was really great and molly loved it!

 all of the flowers in dollywood were so beautiful!
 her first "holy coaster"

 waiting in line

 feeding the ducks!

 on our first full day we arrived right at opening time
and went straight to the children's area
she got to ride all of the rides once, and some of them multiple times without a wait

 we rode the ferris wheel and the carousel

 they have a cute children's play area
and below, you see a gorgeous country church
so cute!

 below is a picture of her first ride, the river rampage, which is actually a "big ride" that she barely met the height restriction for
and it was a wet ride too
but, she loved it!
 i know this pic is out of focus, but she was so happy on the ride!  i had to include it:)
 loving the carousel!

 and of course we had to ride the "polar express" which is a 20 minute train ride up the mountain and back
this is a real coal steam train and it was great for a train lover!

on the way home i asked her what her favorite parts of the vacation was and she said:
1.  the hotel pool (got to love that!  could have saved my $60 park ticket and just stayed at the hotel, ha!)
2.  the polar express train
3.  the river rampage ride

and i got to say my favorite part was being able to take my girl on a fun, vacation!
and now we are counting down...
93 days until DISNEY!!!


Cori said...

Molly looks like the smile never left her face!! So cute. And what a sweet tribute to the men if your family above.

Unknown said...

She will love Disney!! We can't wait to go back!

Unknown said...

She will love Disney (and so will Mommy)!! We can't wait to go back!!

Cheryl said...

We love Pigeon Forge and Dollywood is a fun place.

Can tell Miss Molly loves it to.

3 Peanuts said...

It looks like the first vacation for just the two of you was perfect. Molly looks SO happy!!!!

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