Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Swimming Level 1 Graduate

you can read my first post about Molly's swim practice here
she completed 2 weeks of daily 45 minute practices  this month
and she loved every minute of it

 this as her favorite instructor, mr. chris
she loves playing with boys, interacting with men, hanging out with teenage boys whenever possible
i am very worried!
 she's literally smiling in all of her pictures in the pool!
 she goes under like a fish
 the swim instructor joked about her hair bows everyday
she said in all her years of teaching swim, she's never had a child come to class with bows in their hair!
but, we accessorize even when we are going to the pool!
 we also had different bathing suits every day
i've collected a few through the years
it's an obsession, i'm trying to seek help!

 most of these pictures (action shots) were from the last day where parents were able to watch the whole class and see what the kids have learned
there were 3 different teachers in the pool and they each took turns working with the kids
of course, molly only "worked" with chris
 she would talk to him even if he moved on to another kid
she would call his name and ask him to come over to her
constantly seeking his attention
 and as you can see all of the kids stand on a little platform/edge of the pool while they wait
but, look what molly did...
she would hold onto the edge and scoot her way over to chris
she could not touch the bottom here
sometimes she would just fall into the pool
and chris could see her from his side and would casually scoot her back onto the ledge
i was a bit nervous at first
 i can't believe she is so brave!
i asked her what she was telling him 
and she said, "i was telling him...i love you"
i said, "we don't say that to boys! ha!
 and he finally had to tell her if she kept getting off the ledge he would have to put her in time out
that girl!  she's such a mess!
i have much of this on video and all of her antics are hilarious!!
 needless to say she did very good in class and loves to swim
in fact, she's too brave!
she wants to be under water all the time
she loves jumping in
and basically has no fear whatsoever!

Swim Graduate!


Tricia said...

OK Amy that cracked me up! You are right, you are so in trouble. Go Molly!!!!! Maggie started her swim lessons last Saturday. She loved it. Hope you two are doing well.

Becky said...

My triplet grandsons are in swimming this year. The lady across the street has a pool and one of them went right to the diving board, jumped in and then realized he didn't have a flotation device on! He managed to keep his head above water though! (They don't accessorize:)

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