Wednesday, June 6, 2012

treehouse exploration

this weekend molly and i joined my cousin jeff to check out the treehouse exhibit at Cheekwood Gardens
we had a beautiful day to explore outside 
and she had such a good time!
 there were 7 separate treehouses
all with a specific theme
this one was "the giver"

 and just so you know
my yard looks exactly like this! ha!

 molly had to  be the leader and read the map for us!
 trying to get a good picture of her smiling and looking is such a challenge!

 this was a really cool display
the "rainbow fish"
all of the scales are cd's

 cheekwood is a botanical garden and art museum and it's history goes back to the maxwell {coffee} house family who donated the land and mansion for this purpose
each season they have special exhibits
last fall they had a scarecrow exhibit where i took this picture
 here's the pirate ship treehouse

 and here is our favorite actual house
complete with a wrap around deck
"kitchen" and loft
and a wooden swing underneath
 she said she was going to ask our neighbor "pants" to build her this in her yard!

uncle jeff and molly (really they would be 3rd cousins...but we just call him uncle)
friends forever!

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