Sunday, July 8, 2012


even though i was only 5 days post op we decided to go to church today
i have felt really good, not experiencing any pain or soreness at all really
it's quite surprising!

 it has been quite a long while since i've been to church
church attendance is something that has been quite sporadic for us
being a single mom leaves me many excuses to "need" to stay home on sundays 
and prepare for the week ahead
 however after a week of surgery and recovery i found my house clean and laundry done (thanks to mom)
my fridge full of good food (thanks to friends, neighbors, and family)
and no real excuse to stay home at all!
 molly desperately needs to attend church regularly and see it as an important part of our life and schedule
i know i need the support my church family can provide
and we both certainly enjoy going so hopefully i will be able to be more consistent!!
 we were up bright and early this morning at 4:30 a.m. because molly was "seeing things" in the bedroom
i don't know if she was dreaming or what, but she was legitimately afraid of "flying things" and something on the bed
tonight again she was afraid to sleep in her (new) room so she's in my bed
but, i'm hoping this is just a phase and she will be in her big girl room soon
 i remember going through a similar "phase" at 3 -4 years old when we had moved into our home
i thought i saw the "big bad wolf" outside my window
the image was very clear to me because i can recall it even today
and for the next several years i would sleep in my parents bed when i could, but more often i would sleep with eddie
then, he got too old and kicked me out of his room and so i had to go back to my room by myself
 i'm looking at 3 weeks left of my summer vacation and i can't believe how fast it went by
thankfully, i have accomplished a lot
for the rest of the month i'll be relishing the freedom and time with molly
because once school starts (for both molly and me) 
we'll be on a fast track to christmas

 these are pics in my neighbor's garden
it is so pretty
she put up a sweater and shoes belonging to "peter rabbit"
molly loves that story!
 she's very worried about what could happen in mr. mcgregor's garden!
we have to retell the story everyday:)


groovy mama said...

Hugs to you my thoughts & prayers! Hoping you continuevw NO pain or problems!!!
Happy summer

Becky said...

It seems like yesterday that we were taking 10 little people to church. Sometimes, when I have a grandchild over, I wonder how we did it. Went Sunday night and Wednesday too. Summer is rushing by! Enjoy miss Molly. Next week we are going camping and I bought a vintage edition of 'The Pink Motel'. My oldest daughter remembers me reading it to her and now I will read it to her son. Such memories.

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