Sunday, August 5, 2012

still smilin' on day 2

friday was day 2 of molly's school career
and i'm so happy with how she has handled this new step in her life!
 i guess it's a sign that she was so ready to be in a school setting
to be a big girl
 and to be around other kids
 i knew she would love it
but, wasn't so sure about how these first days would be
although we talked about it a lot this summer
 when i think back to how far she's come in 2 years
both literally and figuratively
it's amazing!!!
 kids are truly resilient 
and this kid in particular was born with an amazing spirit and "fight" within her
nothing will slow her down
nothing will hold her back
 on the way to school i said,
"molly, who is in charge in your classroom"
(trying to reinforce the obey the teacher rule)
and she pointed to herself
this could be a problems! ha!
 but that is so...molly!
she thinks she is in charge of every situation
i'm trying to steer that into a positive direction for sure!
so proud of my big girl!!

1 comment:

Cori said...

She's a doll!! I know it is wonderful she is embracing change so well, that quality will serve her well in the future!!

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