Saturday, September 29, 2012

Magic Kingdom--Monday

 so, like i said in my previous disney post, we flew down to orlando on southwest airlines on an early monday morning
 here molly is enjoying her first plane ride...window seat, since china
she did really well on the flight, and enjoyed the peanuts and pretzels!

we arrived at the hotel, unpacked, had lunch, and headed over to magic kingdom by 2pm
 it was a gorgeous day and we were ready to begin our adventure!
 we got there in time for the 3pm parade
(i did plan that!)
we got a great spot right in front of the circle at main street and enjoyed the parade!

 molly had on her "happy birthday pin" and the characters literally looked at her and said "happy birthday" as they waved...she thought the parade was just for her!
 as each character and princess came by molly just shouted..."look momma there is belle" or mickey or whoever!  she was so excited!! 

 as the parade ended we walked down main street right behind it and molly waved at everyone watching...again thinking this was all for her!!!  
how perfect that was!

 the castle!  what an iconic image!!
after the parade we headed over to adventureland for a quick dole whip snack (yummy!) and rode the magic carpets of aladdin for her first ride
she loved it!

 while in adventureland we went to the enchanted tiki room and  the jungle cruise where she was able to help "steer" the boat! 

 after adventureland, we walked through liberty square and stopped at the Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe for a couple Christmas ornaments
 of course we had to take a break and check out santa's sleigh!

as we came back up to the castle, we were right in the middle of the move it, shake it, celebrate it, street party!

 after the street party, it was time to enter fantasyland!  
this is the reason i wanted to go in september...
5 minute wait for dumbo!  awesome!
molly was looking forward to this ride and loved it!
after a few rides it was time for the evening electrical parade
by this time we were super tired!
but, everything was so pretty all lit up:)
i was so tired, i just put my camera up and enjoyed the parade with molly and didn't worry with any pictures.
sometimes you just have to live in the moment!!

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Becky said...

The Dumbo ride was closed when we were there :(. I love remembering through your pictures and stories!

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