Friday, October 26, 2012

vocabulary parade

i took advantage of my sick day (still no improvement:() to attend molly's vocabulary parade at her school this morning
each student in her elementary school were to dress up and wear their vocabulary word around their neck
molly was a bumblebee

 (and we also labeled her "bee's knees" b/c she says that all the time)
 each class marched in one at a time while the principal read their name and what their word was
the kids were so proud and excited about their words and costumes!
 of course, molly was so excited when she saw us there!
 some of the kids were really creative
 this little girl was keeping her posture perfect as she walked by as a "Ruler"
 i loved this "foliage"
so cute:)
 molly with her sweet teacher, Mrs. Leebrick
 the parade was to be outside at the football field, but it turned cool this morning so we had it in the gym

i love that her school is small enough to do such a cute parade and have each child's name announced
that was a really special treat!

now, i'm back at home by the humidifier trying to get better
i sure hope this sinus infection improves and i don't have to do something more invasive
my dr. mentioned having my sinuses drained if i'm not better by next week
and that does not sound pleasant!

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