Sunday, October 14, 2012

fall break...the quickest week ever!

 i am soaking up the last few hours of fall break tonight
it was a busy and fast week
but, we got a lot accomplished...

 first of all, molly had a dentist appointment
she got a great report!
 all clean!

next, we bought some pumpkins

molly cleaned them up while i did lots of yard work

 she went to our neighbors house and played 'rapunzel' from their attic!

 i have a bush trimmer and i'm not afraid to use it!

 next up was practicing our name, numbers, and coloring...

a quick fall photo shoot...

and lastly, today we hosted a bridal shower for my cousin, Amber
 so happy for her and cory!

 love this banner i bought from here
and the cutest invitations and water bottle labels i didn't get a picture of, but they were just like this one

 i 'half carved' the pumpkins using a small cheese wedger that had a rounded edge sharp enough to work with
then i sprayed them with clear gloss

 veg dip inside the pumpkin and lots of veggies
yummy petifores
pumpkin cheeseballs in haystacks (shoestring potatoes)

 and for the entertainment, molly sang and played for us
 seriously, she loves to be "on stage" and entertain a crowd once she warms up!
she wants to be introduced and applauded before each "act"
i should be very worried...

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