Saturday, December 1, 2012

the things she says and does...

i have to write things down immediately or it goes right out of my memory these days
molly cracks me up each day with something she says or does

right now she refers to her behind as booty-hiney or "biscuits"
her girl "parts" as "triscuits"
and women's chest area as "satchels"
that last one, she just kind of came up with
i have no idea where!
she just was looking at me one day and asked what they were called
and i said, "well, what do you think"
and she said, "satchels"
i said, "yes, that's right, they are called satchels"
because honestly satchels sounded much cuter than any other name or nickname i could think of at the moment! ha!
i'm not really into teaching the real names for private parts... yet or maybe ever!
 on the way to school this week she said
"mom, mama maze just needs to get out of bed, she's SO LAZY"!
i cracked up!
mom usually stays in bed until right after we leave each morning (around 7am) in order to be out of our way in the kitchen and bathroom
b/c mornings are so hectic
of course, she's up as soon as we leave and has a very productive day
she's not lazy!
but, i asked molly where she heard that 
and she said, "you know, like the lazy ladybug that wouldn't fly"
great connection!
and finally
this week at school she went into the restroom and proceeded unroll lots of toilet paper, tie it to the door handle
tie it in knots everywhere and had a great time!
all the while peeing all over herself and the floor!
maybe she had an accident first and was trying to tie the door closed
who knows! 
but she is most content with rope, strings, or ribbon
she ties things around the house all the time!
usually she ties her animals up to doorknobs or furniture legs
it is non stop!
so i thought it was rather funny that she was doing that in the bathroom
her poor teacher was left to clean up her mess!

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