Sunday, May 5, 2013

molly's first talent show

molly sang in her first talent show tonight at our church
i wasn't sure she'd do it, but when i asked her a couple weeks ago if she wanted to sing she said yes
well, you never know about a 4 year old...
but i did know that she loves to "perform"
 so, sure enough she got up there with a real microphone and sang every verse of a medley she learned in school
and did so good!
 i thought she may get scared when she saw the crowd of people, but she loved it!
i think we have a true performer on our hands!
she actually sang the whole thing twice because there was a microphone issue and she still didn't want to get off the stage after the second time!  she was so funny!
i'll post the video soon so you can see it for yourself!

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