Monday, May 20, 2013

mothers day and stuff

i had a lovely mother's day weekend
molly sang in our church service on mother's day and did so well
she is not afraid of a crowd and she loves singing in a real microphone

she "opened" the service with Jesus Loves Me
and then we all sang along
when we got in the car she said, "mom, i like singing on stage!"
i hope she never looses her braveness!

here are a couple mothers day poems in molly's own words...
(love them)

we went to the children's theater to see
go dog go!
it was cute

 molly really loves going to plays and musicals and in fact this summer she will go to a week long drama camp there
i'm really excited about it, i think she will love it!

this weekend we went to see the lion king and it was so incredible!!
we had front row seats and it was just amazing!!

and here is the random cat who visits us each day and lets molly pet her all over! 
she's so sweet!
she would come in if we let her, but we are all allergic!
the school year is winding down and i'm counting the days
molly is already out of school and next week we will head to dollywood for the start of summer!

 we have a beautiful pick your own strawberry patch near us
and the strawberries are so sweet and yummy!
we enjoyed picking a bucket full earlier this month

strawberries are my favorite fruit!

1 comment:

Cori said...

Look like y'all have had a fun spring!! I Love the way you dress Molly- my little girl will be smocked until she outgrows it or complete rebels!! :)

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