Sunday, June 16, 2013

random summer pics

we are over 2 full weeks into summer and so much is going on!
i'm in the midst of lots of big changes i will blog about soon
but for now, i'm just catching up...
 molly bought the "maximus" from the disney store in pigeon forge and insisted on taking him to the dentist this week...she thought the dentist could fix his "neigh" apparently, it's not working! ha!
 she's always done so well at the dentist, kind of amazes me really
her dentist is always so good to molly!

 they put maximus in a separate chair until the dentist could work on him

 molly was a finalist in a photo contest for Parent Magazine, but didn't get enough votes :(

 we've been to the pool lots of times, this was at a friends house and the deep end went to 9 ft.
this was the first time she's seen a diving board and had no fear in jumping off it!
i was afraid, but she wasn't!

 we've done a little shopping, here she is with the old navy models!
she cracked us up on this day by standing in all of the windows and freezing like a model...this kid cracks us up!

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