Monday, July 29, 2013

our summer fun is over:(

today is my last day of real freedom this summer:(
sadly, it's gone by so quickly
this has been one of the most hectic and nerve wrecking summers i've had in a long while
changing jobs will do that to you

for anyone who has missed it
i left my school where i've been teaching 3rd grade for the last 8 years
after 8 years at the same school, same room, and same grade 
i had to really get into the groove to find something new
the longer you stay in the same place, the more comfortable you get even when you need to make a change
it's hard to change

and so now, i'm beginning my 16th year of teaching at a new school in a new grade and in a new county!
i'm really excited about this change!
i'm moving from a large urban district to a much smaller one
it makes such a huge difference!
molly will start pre-k and will go with me to school each day!
so perfect!

so, the reason this summer has been so crazy is because I was interviewing, contemplating, and praying over where to go...what job to accept!
i was so lucky, i had several offers handed to me
and i'm so so thrilled with where i'll end up!

after all of that decision making, it was time to pack the classroom and move
that is no easy job!
in the middle of that move, mom decided to have an opening put in our garage ceiling to make it easier to get to our attic space
i have a large floored attic over my garage, but couldn't get to it easily b/c our furnace was in the way of a clear path
i never really needed the extra space with just me and molly
but, mom had stuff in storage still from her move
so we cleared out her storage and moved it all in the attic

working in the attic in the summer time is not smart!!!
but it's done!

i feel like i've been moving something all summer long!

today i start the liquid phase of my pre surgery diet
tomorrow is the big sleeve day...i'm having a vertical sleeve gastrectomy
i have so many things to finish up today before surgery!

here are some left over pics that never got published...
molly went to the eye doctor for the first time
all clear:)

 she got another of her favorite animals!
 i had to turn in my ipad to my old school...sadness
we loved the ipad!!
 she's been tying up more and more things
here she's tying all the doorknobs together in the hallway

 molly had a week at drama camp and mom and i spent a day in downtown nashville one afternoon killing time
here is mom on famous printers alley
 drama camp was so cute!
 late night grilled cheese after a movie

my impatiens are so pretty!
 one day we looked outside and randomly saw all these turkeys in our yard!
this is not something you normally see in a neighborhood!

 i helped give my cousin a baby shower
it was "owl" themed
there are a lot of owl ideas out now!
these pink soaps were purchased from ebay
 owl fruit tray
 my neighbor made a delicious owl cake & petifores!

 owl cheese ball
 we had a small family birthday party for little eddie last night as i'll be recovering on his actual birthday
we shared gluten free cupcakes and dance time on the wii!
 eddie will be 6 years old on august 3rd!

 we all got in on the dance fun!  this was a first for mom and me!


Tiffany said...

My summer ends today, too. I am beginning a new position tomorrow and packed my room a few weeks ago. It was a huge task (24 years of teaching stuff!). Good luck with your surgery. I will be following your new journey. Can't wait to hear about Molly's adventures in Pre-K.

Dianne said...

Praying that everything will go well with your surgery.

EHS Memory Page said...

Good luck on your WLS journey. So worth it.

caryn said...

Praying for you today.

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