Wednesday, August 28, 2013

my new side job

1/2 way through the summer i realized i needed to pick up a side job to make up the difference in pay i would have with my change in teaching jobs
so i thought through what i could do to make some extra money and decided to give furniture refinishing a whirl
i love reading all of those great diy blogs out there and seeing pieces made over
and everytime i'm at a yard sale or goodwill i see the potential for something!
so i bought some pieces and got started
 these are a few before pics
wish i had taken a pic of the harvest gold seat cushions this set came with!
 i'm a stickler for anything french provincial
the scalloped edges, cane back chairs
so pretty!
i got this table and 4 chairs for $ best deal!
 i've had this antique buffet for 4 years, but got a larger piece recently so i decided to go ahead and strip the top of this piece and then sell it
 this traditional desk was so cute with nice lines, a few curves, and it is solid wood!
 here is the after
the whole project (for all the pieces) took me longer than i wanted
i was moving classrooms, emptying a storage facility into my attic, and having surgery all at the same time!
so i just listed them all on craigslist tonight to see how quickly they sell
 i was going to do the desktop in chalkboard, but decided it was too messy
so i just did it in black gloss
the drawer knobs are from target

 i didn't get a pic of the bed and chair before, but they are so cute
it's an antique wood bed and painted them a bright, cheery pink
perfect for a little girl's room!

 and here is the final pic of the table and chairs
i have a very similar one in my house and i love it
i wanted to stain the top, but this table had a laminate top instead of wood so i had to paint it all
it turned out so cute!
i'm a sucker for cane back chairs painted white though!
i covered the cushions in a panel curtain from target
it was cheaper than buying frabic
and there is a perfect rug (and curtains)that would match the chairs! 

so now, i've posted them on craigslist and facebook in hopes they sell over the holiday weekend
and then i'll decide if i made enough to consider this an "official" part time job!


Cheryl said...

You did a wonderful job! I want to redo my bedroom suit but the top of the dresser and night stands are also laminate (slick). How do you get the paint to stick?

caryn said...

Awesome job! If I lived in your area I would pay you to redo the items I have collected in hopes of doing them over.

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