Saturday, September 14, 2013

Molly's 5th Birthday Party

we lucked out and had gorgeous fall weather to celebrate molly's 5th birthday outside this weekend!
molly decided early this summer that she wanted a horse themed party
so my wheels started spinning and the planning began!!

i ordered her invites, cupcake toppers, and bday banner from here:

i also ordered cowboy/girl hats and bandanas for all the kids from oriental trading
didn't get a pic of them, but had them all in a large rustic basket for the kids to play with

one of my neighbors made molly's cake and cupcakes for me (for free!)
i live on the best street in the state!
she has made all of molly's bday cakes through the years and they are so delicious!
she bakes out of her home for people and gets lots of business!!
all of our decor was red bandana themed
i found this clock at a yard sale for $1 this summer

i was running around as people arrived and forgot to photograph the tables and set up we had outside
it was so cute!
we set up 2 large tables on the driveway and they had banana tableclots
then i had a little buffet set up with homemade cherry limeade and other drinks
i kept all of the food inside so the flies wouldn't bother it
i baked all of this from the pioneer woman:

everything was so delicious! but pics of the food!
i added sub sandwiches to the menu for any who didn't want the chicken
they were delicious!
i bought french bread from walmart's bakery and lots of thin sliced deli meat
topped it with tomatoes, red onions, lettuce, and banana peppers
and made a homemade sandwich spread (mayo, dijon, & honey)
and we had chips/dip and chips/guacomole
hungry yet?
we brought out all of her horses for decor and to play with
these horses were "eating hay" at their trough!
we used them for horse races

the rest of these pics are out of order, but you get the idea...

 aunt judy modeling a gift
 so many cute bday gifts!!
 it was hard to get everyone to cooperate for pics at the same time...
 all the cousins

 how did this happen?  5 years old, really???

 i ordered horseshoes from amazon

and these are the boots that my cousin jeff got for molly...they are so cute and i can't wait to see her in them!
i'm thinking halloween and christmas...stay tuned!

and for a little can click below to see molly's previous birthday parties!
yes, i always have her parties at home because:  a.  i love to plan a party b.  i like the calmness of being in our own environment and c.  so far we've had more adults at her parties than children so all of the adults prefer to be somewhere comfy d.  i like to torture myself with cleaning and cooking each september

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Becky said...

Love the boots!!! I noticed them in a couple of the pictures and thought they were probably one of her gifts!

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