Sunday, September 1, 2013

our fun start to labor day weekend!

i love long weekends!
molly and i started our weekend by going to a short play at the children's library featuring many of the characters in tall tales like john henry, calamity jane, and johnny appleseed!
it was really cute!

(sorry for the bad iphone pics:()

 then we were off to see thomas the train
we went a few years ago (click here)
and i know these activities are soon to be too baby-ish so i took advantage while they are still in!

 sir topamhat
 inside the train!
it was such a hot day, we were glad the train was air conditioned...nice and cool!

molly and i relaxed, put our chairs back, and our feet up!
while we were relaxing the trainman came and sat in empty seats in front of us!

 the sun was so bright, it was hard to look at the camera

and i had to take pics this week of the view from my classroom!
every morning we have this flock of geese that come to our school grounds
i guess they are looking for a good education!

 this is molly sleeping with her life size stuffed horse
she loves horses!  and i thought this pic was so funny!

 we have a new addition to our family!
my cousin tiffany had her 3rd girl this week!
Karaline (Kara) was born on Monday
she is so cute!
 here is my aunt faye, kara, and her sister kayla
(the 3 sisters are kelsey, kayla, and kara)

 and eddie turned 6 this month!
(august 3rd)
we celebrated his birthday at a bowling alley!
molly's first time of course!!

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