Wednesday, October 23, 2013

fall fun

fall is a wonderful time of the year
and our fall has been a whirlwind of activity! 
last week we were so blessed to host our sweet friends for dinner
teresa and jeff traveled with me to china to get our girls
eliana is about 6 weeks older than molly
they were fast friends!

 the girls spent a lot of time together last year, but haven't seen in other since last fall
eliana and her family live in washington d.c

 what sweet blessings!

 we visitied the pumpkin patch last weekend
there isn't anything more fallish than that!
 we had a gorgeous sunny day
we've gone to the same farm for 3 years!

 (excuse my dress...i have to have at least one day/week with no makeup, no contacts, and comfy clothes!)

 and now it is time to carve the pumpkin!

in honor of our post disney coma...we had to give a nod to cinderella here...

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