Sunday, December 15, 2013

mid december catch up

ok, how is december 1/2 way over?
my house remains 3/4 decorated for christmas and i haven't even managed to decorate my mailbox or finish my front porch yet! 
i have christmas shopping still to do
and we have 1 more week of school left with no chance of snow...:(

 i inherited this most magnificent box of vintage ornaments from my granny maze
i've been wanting them for quite a while
and was so happy that my brother and sister in law helped her clean out her garage one day and took her remaining boxes of christmas decorations and shared them with me!
just take a look at the box in the picture above
this is probably 50 years old...still intact with the most fragile ornaments inside
and take a look at the upper middle part of the picture
yes... a wasp or hornet (?) nest from years of attic and garage storage! ha!
thankfully that nest was empty:)
 look at the box above...the original box from jcpenny!
this set of ornaments cost $2.50 in the 1960's.
 i would love to display them in a huge glass jar or vase
but for this year i simply poured them into this wooden dough bough on my table
 all the colors 
all the nostalgia
and all the history just makes me happy!

 today i took the saturday off from my part time job because molly and i had plans...
first we assembled a gingerbread house!
 (see everywhere you look in the background my house is a disaster! don't judge!)
 this was the best idea ever!
pre-assembled gingerbread house from target...$6.99
so worth it!
 molly loves her millk...she was drinking and working simultaneously

 making patterns and rows

 i didn't get a final picture...but we put icing in between the rows and sprinkled it with coconut and glittery sprinkles to look like snow!

 molly and i had matinee tickets for the nutcracker at tpac
this is her 2nd time to go and we really had a good time

this little gymboree dress is so cute with the big red bow in the back
i bought it at a consignment store for $10

 molly has become my personal photographer
even though this coat is 4 sizes too big, it's my favorite!

ready for the show

and last weekend we went to the nashville symphony's children's production of the snowman 
and before the concert molly got to try out some of the instruments again
we've done this several times now and it never gets old! 
she loves it!

and...santa was there!  i actually videoed her conversation that went something like this...
santa:  what would you like for christmas
molly:  i want all of the frozen stuff

she's infatuated with the new disney movie frozen!  she's scratched all of her previous christmas list requests in place of the frozen dolls and ice castle
she doesn't know it's sometimes hard to change your list for santa mid-season!!

i hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season!

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