Sunday, December 1, 2013

thankful for thanksgiving

we had a wonderful thanksgiving holiday
it seemed rushed, but it was good

 molly is "reading" a thanksgiving book to our neighbor, nancy

 one big perk of teaching in the same school as molly, madison, and eddie is that i was able to sneak into all of their classrooms for their thanksgiving programs this year!
it was great!
i love teaching at a school that still is able to celebrate holidays in a traditional way!

 little eddie has decided he wants to be called "lonnie" now (technically his first name)
he doesn't want to be confused with his dad!

 madison is on the far left

 and of course this little stinker was all about singing some songs about turkeys and such!

 on thanksgiving morning, while the turkey was roasting, we got out all of our christmas decorations
since i'm juggling a (new) part time job this year, we decided to go light and only bring out a small portion of what we have
it feels good to scale back sometimes!

 i bought a 9 foot christmas tree on clearance last year 
(actually i bought 2, but only put up 1)
my prelit tree was going in and out on some branches and i was tired of dealing with it
usually after you had the whole thing decorated, one layer of branches would decide to go out.
what a pain!
 this is an old ceramic nativity from my grandma sherrill who passed away in march of this year
so, this is even more special this year! she loved christmas time!
 does your house look like this in the midst of decorating??
 this fisher price is one of my favorite toys that molly has for christmas time!

 we celebrated thanksgiving at my brother's house
we didn't get a picture of the whole family together :(
but we had about 15 people there
 madison did a great job decorating her cookies!

 these 2 went straight to the wii dance is so funny!

 i made the turkey this year and used the pioneer woman's method of brining and roasting
it was so delicious!
but, didn't take a picture!
funny...i did take a picture of the dessert table!

 here is my granny holding her youngest great grandchild, kara
she is sooooo cute!
i couldn't wait to get my hands of her!
 molly and kayla are both 5 years old and were our youngest before kara
so, it was a nice surprise to welcome another baby into the family!

 here is her mom, my cousin, tiffany who is now the mother of 3 girls!
kelsie, kayla, and kara

 she's a real baby doll!

and here is eddie finishing the day off with a left over turkey leg!!

hope you and your family had a great holiday as well.  
i have so much to be thankful for, but right now i'm thankful that i only have 15 more workdays until christmas vacation!!

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