Wednesday, April 2, 2014

March 2014

it looks like i'm only able to do monthly updates this year
i'm staying super busy juggling my full time teaching job plus 2 part time jobs right now
trying hard to become debt free by the time i'm 40...
time will tell but i'm focused!

 molly had  a super busy march...we had 3 birthday parties this month!
one friend and 2 different cousins
 how cute is this outfit i bought at a consignment store this month??

 kayla's party was a roller skating party
that was interesting...molly's first time!
 here is madison's birthday party at glow galaxy
it was a combination of put put golf, and jump houses
 they had to hold up "signs" for which pizza they wanted..cheese or pepperoni
molly loves pepperoni pizza!
 madison is 8 years old!

 eddie, madison, and ambre
 madison is so cute!  she is growing up so fast and loves to spend time with her cousin molly!
she's sweet and smart:)

 another cute spring dress from consignment

 we shared in our easter egg dyeing tradition with 2 girls i tutor twice a week from south korea
sara and sophie are super sweet and i've enjoyed working with them since January
they live with a family from south korea sort of as "house parents"
all of their family is in south korea and they only see them for 2 months during the summer
all for the sake of getting an american education in hopes of going to a university here in the states
kind of amazing if you ask me! 
they are very smart girls!

 molly is really on the verge of reading
she's so interested in learning...reading and writing
she asked me if i could teach her to read!
i told her this summer i would teach her to we'll see how that goes!
meanwhile, we are working on basic alphabetic principles and neatness!

 we've had some gorgeous spring weather lately and we've been ready to get outside for sure!
 me and my shadow...loving saturday mornings together!
 we had to get a few inches trimmed off of her hair and then she requested it to be braided like elsa in frozen!
it was so cute!

 are your girl's as fascinated with frozen as molly is?
 i enjoyed a professional development day at the travelers rest in nashville
a special workshop for was a perfect day!
sometimes it's so nice to spend your day with adults when you are usually with 9 or 10 year olds for 7-8 hours a day!
 travelers rest was built in 1799 and has a great history!  
 molly is way too comfortable in my classroom with my 4th graders!  here she is "reading" a story to my class!  they love her!
 we had a spring snow in late march
 molly was exhausted after a full day out!
 we're getting ready for easter 

 we're on spring break this week and spent the first day at the zoo
it was a perfect day!
 we have a special dinosaur exhibit right now
molly loves dinosaurs!

 loving the carousel

 the croft house, another historic home that is on the zoo property
 we have a great kangaroo exhibit!

 i love the flamingos!

 we have a giraffe baby...she's kind of hiding behind a tree here.
the mom is closer and the dad is farther behind
aren't they amazing?
and, after a day in the sun of course i was red/burnt and molly was perfectly golden brown!
oh to have such glorious skin!!

i hope you are all doing well and welcoming spring in your hearts and homes!

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