Monday, October 13, 2014

random fall things...

molly has not been 100% since starting kindergarten really
she's had a couple bouts with fevers and no other real symptoms besides being tired
right before fall break, we  were at the dr. office again
i thought i may have to cancel the fall break trip, but she recovered and we went ahead

 i really just think she caught random bugs and can't get used to the demanding schedule of it all
she's so tired after school each day
but she's ready to start back tomorrow after over a week off for fall break!
 anytime she falls asleep on the couch i know she's sick!
 a few halloween yard decorations

 she got a haircut & elsa braid to start fall break off right!
we were on our way to disney frozen on ice!

 we love disney!

 here we were at dinner when we arrived in atlanta!
we ate at buckhead diner and had deviled eggs, homemade chips and dip, and a chocolate shake!
isn't that a random selection!

 here is proof that i made all the kids do a little work while they were off too! ha!

 i had time to get in the kitchen and cook some while i was off
that is one of my favorite things to de-stress!
i made pioneer woman's cinnamon rolls and they were amazing!
no, i didn't eat them all.  we froze 4 pans for later!
we also made brownies
 we took one day to all go to cheekwood
it was so pretty and we got some good pictures of the kiddos together!
 i want my yard to look like this! ha!

 they have scarecrows out among  mums and pumpkins everywhere
they were so cute!

 there were several olaf scarecrows!


 it was a great afternoon!

1 comment:

Cheryl said...

Miss Molly looks like she really enjoys herself. You look wonderful, I can tell you have lost more weight! WTG

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