Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The final post of 2014

it's hard to believe the year is coming to an end in a few short hours!
molly and i have been relaxing and enjoying this week after christmas at home and in our pj's
she's playing with her new toys and i'm cleaning and redecorating for winter
i wish these days could go on forever, it's simply our favorite thing to do in the world...stay home in our pj's!

i'll start by saying my beloved nikon dslr broke 2 days before christmas:(
molly accidentally knocked it off the counter and it hasn't worked since.
i was so these are a mix of pictures from my iphone and an old point and shoot we had for back up
i attempted to buy a new camera on the 23rd at sams, but you cannot go back to a point and shoot after experiencng a dslr for years!  and i couldn't afford a new dslr right now.  so we're limping along in the camera department:(

 these are a few hilarious pictures i discovered that molly took...
 i think everyone loves these random selfies they find now on their phones!
sometimes i even find a great video she's made, usually involving dinosaurs!

 she's been ready for christmas and counting down the days this month!
she kept asking how much longer and then it seems like we woke up and it was here in a flash!

 we originally didn't put up molly's own christmas tree because i was already exhausted from decorating the 2 we had up in the house.  but...on the first day of christmas break she asked to get it down from the attic and we did.  she decorated it herself and was so proud!

 ambre and eddie have a new dog, roxy, and we went for a quick visit!

 she had her last ice skating lesson before christmas, it was a skate in your pj's day!

 i've probably said it before, but this has been so good for her!  she really loves to ice skate and is so determined to get on that ice and do better than before.  here she is (you can't really see her) but she in the middle of all the coaches on the ice, including scott hamilton!  she skated around the rink with him twice on this final day and they were both just talking.  it was so cute!  how often to you get to skate with an olympian??
 there are so many great christmas events in nashville, but we can't do them all, so molly chose to go see rudolph the red nosed reindeer musical.  it was really good!

 she loves to "go to the city" as she puts it!

here we are baking some cookies for santa on christmas eve

this season has worn her out at times!

 on christmas eve we always go to our church service, but this year we didn't have one:(
so, we joined eddie and ambre at their church and it was really good.

 and here we all are, the whole gang!

 when we came home it was time to put out the reindeer food on the lawn

 and put out carrots and cookies for santa and the reindeer
she was so excited!!!

 i love looking at these pictures from years past to see how much she's grown!

 and then....what to our wondering eyes should appear
SANTA, was in our neighborhood!!!!!!!!!!
our neighbor saw him in the streets and rushed over to our house to ring the doorbell for molly
(you can see the shock in her eyes)
Santa told her to get into bed and he would start his rounds in our neighborhood and come back to our house later! 
He told her it was a very special gift to get to see Santa on Christmas Eve! 
she couldn't believe it! (and neither could we)

 and later that night santa did come....her "big" gifts were the large black dog, she named "blackie" and lots of dinosaurs which were individually wrapped in all those boxes just for the fun of it!
did you know you could order boxes from the usps online for free?  so that is what i did santa did this year.  it was so fun and dramatic on christmas morning for her to see the tower of presents!  santa found a really awesome deal this summer on craigslist for a lot of imaginex dinosaurs at a great price!  they've been in the attic for many months waiting on christmas day.  {and hoping she wouldn't changed her interest between now and then, she didn't}

is there anything as exciting as christmas morning presents?
i think i was just as excited as her!

 contents of the stocking...a large recess candy bar!
 and she loves her dog blackie and her baby "angel"
that little baby dog actually looks like she's breathing.
it is the cutest thing ever!!!!!!!!!!

 she is seriously so intently interested in dinosaurs!
she loved opening all the various ones and studying them!

 i love a good christmas morning mess!

 we had christmas morning breakfast with my cousin and granny maze
 she made her world famous orange butter coffee cake, and it's so delicious!
 and later the cousins came over for christmas dinner

 this week there has been some of this...
although i do try to keep screen time to a minimun
she's a much more pleasant child without tv, movies, or computer time! 
 and there's been lots of this:
 we did venture out on monday after christmas to Opry Mills Mall, Opryland Hotel, and to see the movie Annie
 this is what Molly does when mom and i are shopping...
take funny selfies!

 Opryland Hotel is decorated each year so pretty!  it's fun to walk around!

and today we are just hanging out getting ready to count down to 2015 together!

I want to wish you all a very Happy New Year in 2015!!!


Becky said...

You guys, or should I say 'Ya'll', lead quite the life! I didn't realize Molly's hair had gotten so long. Always fun to see your different activities.

Cheryl said...

My Nikon was also knocked off the table last year at a Christmas party. It would not even turn on. I took it to Wolfe Camera and they shipped it to Nikon for repair. They only had to do an adjustment to the inside. Guess something was knocked out of place when it hit. the cost was $135. That was not bad since the camera is over $1000. Good luck !

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