Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Happy Valentines Day & a Piano Recital

For Valentines Day I love to go to the Dollar Tree and buy a special balloon for each of my students
I sneak them into the classroom the night before and tie them on each chair
When they walk into the classroom the next morning their faces are so happy!!!

 you may think 4th graders are too old for this, but they loved it more than the younger kids I think! 

 I also had special V-day doughnuts from Krispie Kreme waiting for them along with one of these on each desk:

that was a famous pinterest pin!

 and here is my desk after the bell rang!
i love Valentines day!!!

Molly has been taking piano lessons for about 8 months now
She's doing really well and seems to both enjoy it and pick it up quickly 
 we had a small-ish "recital" on Valentines weekend where some students all played at an assisted living center
It was a great afternoon

 we had a sweet little valentines day
Molly wore this adorable dress that my cousin, Jeff, got for her
it may be my favorite dress ever!

 here she is with her piano teacher, Mrs. Judy
 we had lots of chocolate for the weekend!

i do love seeing her develop special skills as she gets older
i wonder which ones will stick and which ones she'll want to quit
but, i hope that piano and music is always a part of her life!

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