Friday, April 17, 2015

around our house lately

molly lost her 4th tooth this month and the tooth fairy left her fairy dust around the bedroom and in the bathroom for some treatas as well.  

the tooth fairy leaves $1 per tooth in the order they come molly got $4 for her 4th tooth
(this seemed like a good idea 4 teeth ago, but now it's getting quite expensive!)

molly had her first soccer game last weekend.
she loves it!
it is a good opportunity for her to work with a team and practice her athleticism!
she's quite the hard worker...she runs after that ball like crazy!

only 1/2 her team showed up on this day, so they all 4 had to play the entire game!
our spring flowers have been so pretty
the tulips were a bit leggy and blew over in a storm we had, so the blooms didn't last too long.

this was a really cool chalk fest in nashville we attended last sunday afternoon.
local artist drew on sections of the road that were closed off and it was so good!

there were food trucks out and live music
we enjoyed some shaved ice which tasted delicious!

molly found a dog to pet!
they had jump houses!
and live animals to pet!

and then you could make a donation to the children's hospital and decorate/draw on your own square of the road!
of course, molly drew dinosaurs!

she took this really seriously and took a lot of time on it!  she kept going back for specific chalk colors!
this would be a great idea for a kids birthday section off parts of your driveway or sidewalk with painters tape, draw squares, and give each kid a section to illustrate.

the finished product!

we headed over to centennial park after the chalk fest.

molly loves to feed the ducks
we were just on the end of the peak bloom time for all the spring flowers
it still looked so pretty!

the parthenon

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Becky said...

The chalk fest really looks like fun. You guy do so many neat things together :) I enjoy reading about your adventures.

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