Wednesday, July 30, 2008

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Movie Night

When we got home from Grandmas house we had supper, baths, and put on a movie. I didn't think Madison would watch it all, but she did watch the entire movie. We watched Enchanted. It was so cute! Madison kept saying, "What happened to her, Momma Maze?"

I love this picture of her laying on mom! So cute!

Fun at Grandmas!

Saturday night Eddie and Amber had a date, so we took the kids to visit Grandma. Madison wanted to show her 'Snowflake', her little dog. Here she is brushing her hair.
Little Eddie remembered the Cheese Puffs from his last visit! He knew exactly how to eat them.

Madison actually was the one to open Grandma's pantry in search of the cheese!

There is always food at Grandma's house!

Grandma is so proud of her watermelon vine growing in her front yard (yes amongst her landscaping!)

She showed Madison the little watermelon that has been growing.

Madison found a baby watermelon and picked it off the vine.

Madison and Amy Day

Friday morning Madison and I ventured out on our last summer adventure before school sad:(

Since we both love doughnuts, I thought we could stop by Krispy Kreme for a little treat. This particular store has glass around the cooking area for you to watch the doughnuts being made right before your eyes! Don't you love it when that HOT light is on!

Maddie chose a 'brown' doughnut to start her day...aka chocolate.

Here she is watching the doughnuts...

Yummy goodness!

Next we headed to the mall for a little story time and children's concert! Here you see Maddie wanted to push the stroller instead of ride it.

And, here you see her pouting because I wouldn't let her do all of the pushing (yes, this aunt does have some rules!)

She wanted to buy a hat at Dillards...

After trying several on...

We decided hats are usually a mistake!

Next we went to story time at Davis Kidd Bookstore. As you can see, Madison was more interested in the Thomas the Train Set than in the story.

Last, we went to Pottery Barn Kids to hear a concert by Rachel Sumner.

Maddie was very interested in her "Itsy, Bitsy, Spider" Spout. Notice she is the only child standing for a closer view.

There is the spider.

What a fun day. I'm going to miss my time with both kids after school starts back. Little Eddie has gotten attached to Aunt Amy from this summer too. I guess I'll be taking him on adventures next!!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

17 months paper pregnant today

As I wait, I dream of you

Small curls no curls, I dream of you

Little lips shaped like a heart, I dream of you

Imagine your smell the way you feel in my arms, I dream of you

Your sweet warm breath against my cheek, I dream of you

Sleeping peacefully like an angel on a white soft cloud, I dream of you

As I sit in the quite of the night, I dream of you.

Oh God, please hear my prayer and let my dream come true.

LID 2/25/2007

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Mom and I checked out another dream home (with the plumbing issues...see post below, it just made us fell better!)

We love this look

This is the back of the house. Look at all the windows and porch area...just beautiful!

Baby Eddie found my printer today. He thought it was very fun to press all of the buttons!

Maddie and I went to Target to buy her some washable markers for my house. She loves to 'work' in my room when I'm working on the computer or doing other things.

Plumbing Issues

Just when you thought the house repairs/renovations were over...

Do these three pictures justify $55o to you?

These are not new faucets, however everything inside of them are new.

This is not a new drain, but now it works!

This is a new shower head and it works!

Basically my bathtub faucets began leaking last weekend. I could not get them to stop dripping (actually a little more than a drip...) so we called a plumbing company who sent out 'Joe' on Monday. Joe looked at the problem at hand and could not even unscrew the faucets to look at the hardware inside. He said we would have to tear down the bathroom wall on the other side of the faucet in order to repair it. He also said he could not fix the drain, he would have to rip up the floor in order to repair it (it didn't hold water which makes taking a bath kind of difficult). Well, he left on Monday and I told mom there was no way we were ripping up the floor and walls of the bathroom! That just didn't even make sense, and did I mention 'Joe' looked like he should be signing in at daycare instead of repairing leaky faucets?
So, I get on the phone and call Hiller Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling. Basically I chose them because they showed up on a google search and had a nice, easy to use website. I asked for a very experienced plumber to be sent ASAP and explained the problem. This morning Moe the Plumber came in and confidently repaired all of our problems without destroying the wall or floor! Success!!! He was nice and seemed trustworthy and more importantly experienced. We had these same three issues in two bathrooms and so don't be too alarmed by the cost. He was here for several hours. Those bathrooms have lasted for 30 years without any major repairs so I guess that is more than you can ask for! We were happy with the job and happy to pay money for a job well done!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The third wedding this summer

These are some pictures of the third wedding I've been to this summer. It was beautiful. The church was simply gorgeous. The bride is the sister of one of my aunts. She is so sweet and always has a smile. The Maid of Honor is my cousin Jill. Amongst the pictures you see my grandmother who is 86 years old. Notice her in the top left corner dancing with the bride! Precious!!

Equal Opportunity Aunt Bragging

I didn't want Madison to get all of the glory from my blog posts today. Here are some adorable pictures of precious little Eddie. He is almost 1 year old. He loves his mommy, ceiling fans, and laughing at his sister. I have so enjoyed having the summer time to play with him. He's a charmer!

Maddie and Amy Day

Summer has been so busy, I thought it was time for a Madison and Aunt Amy field trip. So we headed out on Friday morning to one of our favorite spots:

Madison loves looking inside all the display cases

What shall I get?
We got two freshly made glazed donuts and headed to stop #2:

My classroom. I made Madison a picnic area and she sad for about 10 minutes to enjoy her donut while I surveyed the work to be done in my classroom.
So yummy!
Almost gone!
Sweets make me happy too!

There is a lot of work for me to do!

A freshly clean hallway is a great place to run off all that sugar!

A teacher in the making...

She loved the letters for my word wall underneath the whiteboard. She would walk from A-Z and touch them and sing them or talk about the alphabet. So smart!

This proved to be a very bad idea because she got dry erase marker on that cute dress and it won't come out. I'm so sad. I bought her that dress because it has smocking on the front and back. I wanted to save it for Molly, but oh well!

She thought the globe was a ball and started throwing it around...Yikes $200 toy! Those globes are expensive!

I convinced her to put it down and study the continents and oceans!

She loves to color.

Then, she helped me put the desks and chairs in there places.

Good helper!

After all that work we went to the pool later that afternoon for swim time with the whole family!

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