Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Mom and I checked out another dream home (with the plumbing issues...see post below, it just made us fell better!)

We love this look

This is the back of the house. Look at all the windows and porch area...just beautiful!

Baby Eddie found my printer today. He thought it was very fun to press all of the buttons!

Maddie and I went to Target to buy her some washable markers for my house. She loves to 'work' in my room when I'm working on the computer or doing other things.

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Jill said...

I think this home is officially my dream home too! It's amazing... Love the porch!

Maddie is so cute. I used to love playing "office" too! And I still love a new box of markers.

I will definitely let you know if I'm working in Nashville. I love Nashville. It's pretty, everyone is really nice and conservative, there are so many churches but I don't get assigned TN often. :( Booooo!

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