Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Plumbing Issues

Just when you thought the house repairs/renovations were over...

Do these three pictures justify $55o to you?

These are not new faucets, however everything inside of them are new.

This is not a new drain, but now it works!

This is a new shower head and it works!

Basically my bathtub faucets began leaking last weekend. I could not get them to stop dripping (actually a little more than a drip...) so we called a plumbing company who sent out 'Joe' on Monday. Joe looked at the problem at hand and could not even unscrew the faucets to look at the hardware inside. He said we would have to tear down the bathroom wall on the other side of the faucet in order to repair it. He also said he could not fix the drain, he would have to rip up the floor in order to repair it (it didn't hold water which makes taking a bath kind of difficult). Well, he left on Monday and I told mom there was no way we were ripping up the floor and walls of the bathroom! That just didn't even make sense, and did I mention 'Joe' looked like he should be signing in at daycare instead of repairing leaky faucets?
So, I get on the phone and call Hiller Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling. Basically I chose them because they showed up on a google search and had a nice, easy to use website. I asked for a very experienced plumber to be sent ASAP and explained the problem. This morning Moe the Plumber came in and confidently repaired all of our problems without destroying the wall or floor! Success!!! He was nice and seemed trustworthy and more importantly experienced. We had these same three issues in two bathrooms and so don't be too alarmed by the cost. He was here for several hours. Those bathrooms have lasted for 30 years without any major repairs so I guess that is more than you can ask for! We were happy with the job and happy to pay money for a job well done!

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Jill said...

Ugh... isn't it painful to spend money on things like this??? Sometimes I daydream about being in college again and not having to worry about all these adult things. :)

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