Saturday, April 12, 2008


I love Saturdays...the kind when you have nothing scheduled and can stay home in your PJ's all day. Today was that kind of day for me with a had a daycare conference all day so I had the house completely to myself! holla!!! Mom and I get along great and everything, but sometimes it's good to just do nothing and not feel guilty about it. Also, without her at home I am able to secretly clean and organize (I love to clean out closets and drawers and organize them neatly) things the way I want to. She is not the most organized person, love her to pieces but bless her heart she has no organizational genes on her side of the family. So I was able to get into the medicine cabinet in the kitchen and throw away all of the expired medicine bottles (she'll keep them forever) and I made a shelf of adult medication and children medication that are still good. Sooo neatly put together...she'll hate it! Then I organized the 'junk' drawers in the kitchen and threw out old pens and papers and miscellaneous items...she'll have them a mess again by Monday. I also found a total of $0.17! Score! Lastly, I cleaned out the refrigerator and thew out old items (again, she'll keep things forever. she hates to throw things out for some reason and it makes me feel liberated!)

This afternoon my dear friend who is adopting called and said I had 'won' the IPOD they were giving away from their adoption fundraiser. She has a blog for her son in China, Shepherd, and attached a 'chip in' to it. Everyone who made a contribution was put in a drawing for an IPOD. Her daughter drew a name and guess what...the winner was me! I've wanted an IPOD for a while so I'm so happy!

What a fabulous day...$0.17 in the kitchen drawers and an IPOD! I think I may get a lottery ticket tomorrow!

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Wife of the Pres. said...

Just thought I'd say hi. I'm in Tennessee too and with AWAA. We are LID 12/14/07 with the SN program. I found your blog through Denise's. There are several TN families with AWAA I have found. Well, just wanted to say hi!
Leslie Irwin

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