Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thursday with Maddie

We had a great Thursday outing! First of all we had to get dressed in the adorable (if I do say so myself!) outfit I bought for Maddie's 2nd Birthday. This is from the Holland Line at Gymboree from this Spring's collection. She has the purse and sunglasses to match too! She LOVES getting dressed up and looking at herself in the mirror! When she first started talking, I taught her how to look in the mirror and say "I'm gorgeous!"....I know it's shallow and vain, but how cute!

Our main goal today was to visit Grandma Sherrill, one of Maddie's great grandmothers. Grandma Sherrill loves children, she had six children of her own, and now has 17 grandchildren, 33 great grandchildren, and one great great grandchild on the way. She is a very kind saint of a woman actually. She's never had an enemy. She is 87 years old and still lives alone and cares for herself. Amazing!! Yesterday she was busy packing for a trip to her home town (in North Carolina) to visit a sister (she's one of 11 kids!) and in the midst of packing she forgot to eat (a problem I've never had!). She has diet controlled diabetes and so by late last night she was dizzy and sick. She fell in her home and hurt her head, but was better today. So Maddie and I went to check on her. We practiced in the car saying "Hi Grandma, feel better, and be careful grandma". It was the highlight of Grandma's week!

On our way out...
We stopped at the Pet Store to look at the animals
Talking to the birds
We stopped by Grandma Sherrill's house to visit and admire her spring flowers
I love Grandma Sherrill

We picked her flowers

Grandma has lots of pretty things
So many fancy dolls!

We took Grandma a pretty pot of planted orange tulips already in bloom, but I dropped them on her driveway and all of the blooms broke off. Maddie said, "broke, broke...fix it". Grandma took the bulbs and planted them.
Grandma always has a teddy bear for me!

We went to the park and met Baby Eddie, mommy, and daddy!
I LOVE the slide!

Baby Eddie is soooo cute and cuddly!

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