Sunday, June 8, 2008


Eddie and Ambre: These pictures are out of order in the time they actually occurred, but this was our Sunday...

We went to visit Grandma Sherrill and she rummaged through her kitchen to find 'something' for the kids to eat because Madison picked up an empty candy dish and kept asking what it was for. Grandma wanted to offer them something as usual, so she came out with cheese puffs. Eddie saw Madison eating them out of the red cup (see below) and would not leave her alone until he got his hands on one. (Don't freak out Ambre! We watched him carefully) He chewed and chewed on it until it dissolved in his mouth.

Madison loved Grandma's flowers as usual.

You know you're redneck if you swim naked in your pool! After supper we had Popsicles on the back porch. Madison got so sticky that we stripped her down and put her in the pool while she was in the pool we washed her off with soap for her bath. We thought we might as well throw Eddie in too. The water had been out all day in the sun (It's in the mid 90's here) so it was as warm as bath water.
Madison and Grandma.

Trying to get them all to smile together.
Again, here Eddie is examining the cheese puff. He loved it! He has been really vocal today. At grandma's house he just talked and talked. Madison was having fun and I guess he wanted to let everyone know he was there too. (Especially when the food came out) Then on the way home he kept jabbering away.
While at Grandma's (after the cheese puffs had been consumed) Maddie went in the kitchen and as usual Grandma had dinner out on the table. (We had already eaten at our house) she yelled out "Come 'ere Grandma, come 'ere...what's all this food for?" So she sat down and ate some peas and sweet potatoes at the table too.
They are so funny! They've been great. Bedtime has been challenging with Maddie unless you want to lay down with her for an hour. But tonight I tried out a strategy I saw on Supernanny and it worked better. She does better if I put her to bed and not mom, because she talks mom into laying down. So we brushed our teeth tonight, got in bed, read a book, sang our songs, said our prayers, and I walked out. Well, she got out of bed probably 12 - 15 times and I would just go and put her back to bed without saying anything (that's the part I got from Supernanny, b/c they are wanting attention and you are not suppose to cave into their 'demands') ....anyway at one point i went into the bathroom and shut the door. She came out of the guest room and saw I wasn't there to 'catch her' and I heard her say "Oh, Boy!!!" and started running through the den and kitchen. She was so sad to see me coming! She finally did go to sleep...we'll see how it works this week!

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Jill said...

Too funny about bathing in your pool. :) Hey, whatever works... huh?

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