Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Weekend Vacation

I just got home from a quick weekend getaway to Knoxville, TN. We went to the first UT ballgame to continue the tradition of cheering on the VOLS! How different game days has become now that we are toting along a one year old and a two year old! Maddie and Eddie did great considering we took them into a stadium with 100,000 other fans in the mid afternoon heat. We lasted until almost half time before we exited with the kids...first 'momma maze and maddie' headed to the air conditioned theater that was showing the game, then ambre and eddie, then aunt amy a few minutes later, and finally daddy came and joined us so we could all leave, nap, and cool off!

Maddie and Eddie thought it was very cool to all stay in the same hotel room together...everyone should have an adult/child ratio of 2/1 when traveling, right?

They always have the most beautiful orange and white flowers on campus!

Naples is one of our family favorite restaurants, we've been going there for about 25 years!

Mom and I headed to Pigeon Forge to do a little shopping before we came home...12 hours later we finally got home!! We are both exhausted to say the least. But we wanted to see the pretty fall decorations in Pigeon Forge, TN and get a little Christmas shopping out of the way while we had time.

First we got a big breakfast!
This has become my favorite breakfast restaurant in Pigeon Forge, it looks like a rinky dink kind of place, but they have the best eggs, country ham, and pancakes!

Then we quickly got into the Christmas spirit by touring this hotel (Danielle, you would love this!)

We spent the rest of the day shopping...mostly for Christmas decorations for our house. Some of our things are getting old and shabby and we thought we could spruce things up a bit this year. We won't have an opportunity to get back to East TN before the holidays so it was good timing. Now...I hope I can make it through work this week!!


Jennifer said...

I love the pancake house in pigeon forge. Its the bes!!!

Danielle Moss said...

Oh I DO love it. And can I tell you how I LOVE that every time anyone that knows me sees something having to do with Christmas they think of me?

A Christmas song came on my friend's iTunes the other day and she thought of me. :)

Jill said...

What a fun weekend! I bet TN is beautiful this time of year. I went to Pigeon Forge as a kid; I don't remember much. I would love to go back.

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