Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Tradition #14

Christmas Tradition #14
These were cute ideas for traditions I've collected through other people's blogs recently (they are not my own ideas, but I may claim them in the future)...

One year on Christmas morning, my DD found Santa's glove in our kitchen by the cookies! He forgot to take it with him after he ate some cookies. DD talked about this for a long time, and I must say, I still have the glove. (Even though technically, according to our DD, we gave it back to Santa the following Christmas).

Another year, Santa knocked over the wood pile by our fireplace, and didn't put the screen back in front of the fireplace like he should have.And another year, we found some of Santa's white fluff trim from his suit caught on the fireplace!

When I was a little girl, Santa once left a perfect boot print in the back of the fireplace. I can't remember what I got, but I remember that for sure.
My parents had these awesome jingle bells -- really old on a thick leather strap -- the kind that go around a horse. When we were kids they hung them on the back of the front door. Well, after my parents passed away, my sister ended up with them and one Christmas Eve, we left them out in the yard and didn't say a word. Later in the day on Christmas Day, after all the presents were opened and dinner eaten, the kids went out to play and found the jingle bells. They love to tell people that they fell from Santa's sleigh.

We track Santa's journey every year on this website: -- it's fascinating to see where he is in the world throughout Christmas Eve.

This will be the first Christmas with our daughter and we will continue a tradition my parents carried out when I was a child. So far the whole house is decorated except for the tree. On Christmas Eve, she will go to asleep with an undecorated tree and no presents underneath it. She will wake in the morning and have it fully decorated with gifts under it too. She goes to sleep around 7 so we have time to get it done.

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