Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Ultimate Christmas Gift

Orphans Ticket Home

What is the Ultimate Christmas Gift?
What if you gave an orphan a home this Christmas? Through our Orphan’s Ticket Home campaign, every donation you give goes directly to making this prayer a reality for over 5000 orphans.
It’s the holiday season, a time when many of us buy a ticket home to see our families. But what if you had no family to go home to? Or even worse...what if you had no birth certificate or other document to legally verify your identity to allow you to get a ticket? Millions of orphaned children are stranded, stuck in systems that rob them of any chance to go home to a family. This fundraising campaign offers you an opportunity to provide them a ticket home. For some that means an adoptive home. For others it means a safe and clean transitional home where they can await adoption. And for some it simply means the initial stage of securing birth certificates that provide them with a legal identity, crucial legal documents that make the dream of a ticket to a loving home much more of a reality. Through An Orphan’s Ticket Home’s four initiatives, you can make this a reality for more orphans. Your donation will be the Ultimate Gift to an orphan!

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