Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Tradition #15

Christmas Tradition #15
Making a Gingerbread house...

1. Buy a gingerbread house kit

2. Carefully begin to assemble...gluing together broken pieces

3. Let dry

4. Enlist a cute kids to help you decorate

5. Carefully put candy anywhere on the house

6. Enlist another cute kid to join in on the fun

7. Eat some of the candy

8. Final product...let dry

9. Decorate Kitchen table with final product
I've got some practice to do on this holiday tradition! We used the candies that came with the kit, but I could think of a lot of different things that would have made the scene even more cute. Madison and Eddie really enjoyed it. This is the first year I've done this with them, but I want to do it every year from now on.

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