Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Tradition #21

Christmas Tradition #21
School Christmas Party
Ok, so this tradition isn't a family thing. But of course every year I celebrate 'winter holidays' (because we can't only call it Christmas anymore) with my class.

This year's gift for everyone was a wallet and a miniature globe...thanks the Target's dollar bin this summer!

Good food!

For this relay they had to run to the chair, put on mittens, unwrap a hersey kiss, eat it, and run back to line and tag the next player. Very fun!

For this relay, they had to hold hands and pass Christmas bows down the line without using their hands...I didn't expect the 'germ passing' element of this game because when we started they all wanted to use their mouths to pass with! Gross!!! I originally thought they'd use their chins and elbows, but they did differently. I thought the parents were going to die when they used their mouth!

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