Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Tradition #20

Christmas Tradition #20
Stockings, Tree, and Gifts!

This year we only put out about half of our normal decor. We did buy a new tree which we really love's PRE-LIT! That is really nice. We put it in our dining room and put our nicer ornaments on it. Usually I put up about 5 trees, so this year with only took no time! I love Christmas trees, but I don't like putting lights on them.

My mom always does a great job on the fireplace/hearth. We have fancy stocking we put up on the hearth for mom, Eddie, Ambre, and me. We use older stockings my great grandmother made for Eddie and Madison. We bought initial letters at Restorations Hardware a couple years ago to label each stocking.

Madison found the presents under the tree tonight and was ready to get into them!

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