Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Home Update...

No, I don't have confirmation yet on my house. I have submitted an offer and the bank (it's a foreclosure) countered my offer. I then had the home inspected and it went well with two major problems...the duct work in the attic need replaced ($1,500) and the a/c unit does not work (~$4,000) so I then countered again and asked them to pay for the duct work and I'm still waiting for their response...I knew the a/c unit was 20+ years old so it would need replaced. So I was prepared to do that. However the duct work wasn't expected and I thought they could/should do that part. It's been two days...hopefully I'll hear something positive tomorrow! Meanwhile, I've been collecting pictures and decorating ideas and thought I'd post some of my faves for your viewing pleasure:

My front porch isn't this big, but isn't this cozy!
I have a small patio that I'd like to get some furniture for.

I won't have a separate office, but could find a place to stick a small desk like this...

This is adorable too... love the different cabinets and charm of this room.

I just love the character this living rooms shows

I want a solid cream or white couch similar to this so I can swap out patterned pillows for color.

This is adorable too, love the chairs and wood floor.

Simple and charming
I love the simple window treatments here
I love the variety of seating options here
Very cute laundry room
Very nice fave!
My kitchen cabinets don't go to the ceiling as these do, however they are flush to a lower part of the ceiling in the kitchen (I'm not sure what you call it) so I think I could add some trim and eventually paint the cabinets and that box ceiling insert thingy the same color and it would look like one large cabinet similar to these beauties.
Love the island and different counter tops. I don't have an island and probably don't have room for one. However I did see one at Big Lots that is small and on wheels so I could move it out of the way...I'm thinking about buying it to give my kitchen this look on a miniature scale!

Love this simple and fresh look!
This is a redesign from One Woman's Cottage Life that I've always admired!
More storage ideas, I don't have a mudroom but could make this storage area work in the garage.
I just love this entry table
and this one too...
Beautiful nook!

LOVE precious dining room!

I eventually want built ins like this in my dining room and I love the class/crystal knobs!
Simple and cozy bedroom
This is so inviting!
I'm going to mimic my guest bedroom after this one.
My bath will be nothing like this, but just for inspiration!


Jill said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your inspiration. I think we have the exact same style.

Danielle Moss said...

I'm with Jill. These photos are BEAUTIFUL! You have amazing taste.

Denise said...

Oh, we could be friends girl! All of these pics are great!

Kim said...

Your guest bedroom looks like my master. I close on the house Thursday so I'll be putting it together next weekend :)

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