Monday, July 20, 2009

Houston...we have lift off

Finally, I have Internet and Cable!! I am settling into my new house. I think I have recovered from my emotional breakdown of moving away from my childhood home and am beginning to get used to home ownership! My friends and family gave me a wonderful housewarming party on Sunday and I just loved being able to see so many of my wonderful friends, coworkers, and family come to my home. I am overwhelmed at the generosity of them all. I've had people so willing to give their time and hard work in order to make my home beautiful and I'm in awe really. I received many adorable housewarming gifts and a lot of gift cards and money...actually totalling over $1,200!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was in shock all day, how incredible is that? I have many things on my "needs to be replaced" list but I think I'm going to put that money toward new kitchen appliances. My stove, microwave, and dishwasher are circa 1988. They do work, however they are not energy efficient or pretty! Here are some pictures of my place. They are all out of order, but you get the idea... I saw the idea to do these frame/magnets from One Woman's Cottage Life. You simply buy those cheap metal/gold frames from goodwill or yard sales and take the backs off, spray paint in whatever color you choose, apply magnets to the backs and fill with anything. I put scrapbook paper in for the background and simple words. You could change them out for seasons or whatever. I love the simple and clean look it gives instead of a cluttered fridge. Also, you will see a picture Madison drew for me...only 3 years old, but oh so smart! She wrote my name out as I spelled it to her. Very talented!

This is my foyer/entry. I love this antique piece I bought at an antique store this summer. I knew it would fit perfectly into my space and it does. The lines and details are so 'cottagey'. I got the lamp at a yard sale...painted glass. Love it! The 'fake cake' came from my aunt Judy along with the picture.

This little book shelf also came from an antique store and I bought it this summer knowing exactly where I wanted it. I placed some of my fave cookbooks inside. The picture above is a longaberger print I bought on ebay a long time ago when I was into longaberger and now I actually have a place for it.

My front door...I love this space! The overhead light I bought on ebay.

This turned out dark, but you can see the living room from the kitchen facing out. All the tables and lamps came from my aunt Judy. The armoire was mine I had in my bedroom when I had white furniture. My tv is inside.

This is my living room from the front door. I love it! It's so cute and clean. All the hydrangeas are real!!!! They are from my aunt Judy's yard. The mantle is a work in progress. I'm still looking for a couch and some side chairs.

This two are major trouble in a new house! Mom came over tonight with them while Eddie and Ambre are on a cruise this week. I cooked supper for them all. My house is not child proof and they about destroyed it in one night! Tomorrow night I'll be going to mom's house to help with supper and bath time.

Don't be fooled by his innocent look!

My realtor, Tim Earls.

Carey, a childhood friend helped to give my open house. She is expecting a baby boy in October! Laura is another friend who was so sweet to come!

These shoe plates once belonged to another aunt...thanks Julie! (Did you know I got them from Judy who got them from some yard sale stuff of yours?)
I've had these plates for a while with no space to display them. My bathroom is perfect. Right above the closet door. Thanks Deb!

Just a view, my master bath is so big!

My bedroom furniture fits so nicely in my bedroom. I have blinds and curtains up now!

My guest bath...I bought a solid white curtain and had it monogrammed this summer!

My guest room. This is my bed from childhood. I'm so glad we kept it all this time. My aunt Judy bought the doll display case at a yard sale for $20! What a deal! I love collecting Madame Alexander dolls!

This will be Molly's room. I have the furniture at mom's house but Eddie still uses it so i'll wait for him to finish with the baby bed before I move it.

The nook, I'm still looking for a table. The chandelier came from a yard aunt Judy again!

The dining room...the table and chairs will be painted creamy white and recovered to go with the color scheme. I bought it at the flea market last month. The china cabinet came from my aunt Judy, the pictures were mom's, and the chandelier came from ebay.
Raggedy Ann greeted everyone on the porch.

My front porch!

My new neighbors. I actually used to babysit for these boys when they were very little. Such a sweet family!

What a great group! Chad, I'm so glad you could come! Jeff, thanks for everything!


Jill said...

Wow, Amy! You've been busy. Your house looks GREAT. I'm so impressed. You've gotten so much done. I love all the girly touches... the pink, the girly plates, the cute light fixtures. LOVE IT. I've heard when a man is in the picture we won't get to be as girly, so we must enjoy now.

The Nashville Nosher said...

Your house is gorgeous! I can't believe you are all moved in and situated. I look like I moved in a week ago!!!

Cherilyn said...

Chad and Jeff! I haven't seen them in years! Almost as long as I haven't seen you. Congratulations on everything - it's perfect!

Kim @ Twice Remembered said...

Oh my, congratulations on your new BEAUTIFUL home! It is so lovely and you've got it fixed up so nicely already - great job! I look forward to keeping up with you here and thanks for mentioning me in your post. I need to make some more freeze frames soon myself!

Dawn said...

CONGRATULATIONS ~ Light fixtures on eBay...WOW

Anonymous said...

just found your blog and wanted to say hi! Your new house is absolutely beautiful!

Tricia Thompson said...

I LOVE your new house! You have done an awesome job with the decorations. By the way, you also look AWESOME! Your hard work is paying off. Take care,
Tricia Thompson

caryn said...

Your home is beautiful! I can't believe you are all setteled in, I think I still have boxes that I haven't unpack and I move into this house 5 years ago! Thanks for sharing.

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