Tuesday, July 14, 2009

i'm in!

I'm finally in my new house and I'll have to be honest to tell you all...my faithful bloggy friends that I've been a bit shocked by the emotions I've been feeling. (actually more than a bit...a lot shocked to be honest!) with the excitement of buying a house, redecorating, moving, and buying things i NEVER gave any consideration to the fact that i might actually be emotionally connected to my home...with over 30 years of comforts and safeness there and all. and don't forget that I had my mom there everyday of my life and more recently my niece and nephew everyday when they come to daycare. for some people that may sound like hell to say they see their mom every day, but for me it's comfort and peace (most of the time...unless we're both in the kitchen together:))

I'm a pretty level headed and emotionally steady person. i don't have break downs and i don't cry often. so this is why i was shocked to be in tears most of the day on Monday.

i keep telling myself ...all of my friends have moved out and are on their own so i know people can do it. I've talked to many of my close friends on the phone yesterday and today to ask if my feelings were "normal" or not. i think the consensus is that it will get better. another issue...i still have no cable TV or Internet. (i brought my computer to mom's tonight for some sense of normalcy) so my house is really quiet...again to most people this would be a blessing, but it's just strange to me right now.

on to the house. needless to say, with my emotional breakdown I've been unable to think about taking pictures to post, but i will! the move went really smoothly thanks to all of my family...THANK YOU Mom, Eddie, Judy, Denise, Jeff, and both of my grandmothers who helped so much. Eddie and Jeff did all of my heavy lifting, my aunt Judy has furnished and/or decorated half my house from her basement or yard sales and did so much work in my yard. And, my cousin Denise put my beds together, brought her tools, and pressure washed my driveway and porch...oh and trimmed my tree!:))

I've had workmen in my house all day today repairing the a/c, delivering my appliances, and hanging all my light fixtures. Everything looks just as cute as I thought it would. All the furniture looks great and fits perfectly into each room. I'm sure with time I will adjust emotionally. For now I'm continuing with clean up and repairs and looking forward to a housewarming party on Sunday!


Tricia Thompson said...

Oh Amy, that is so normal. I'm sure your mom is feeling a little sad as well. You will just need to have your family come to your new place. Have a dinner party for them. You will always have a place at your mom's house. That has been home for so long. Now you are going to make new memories in your new house but you can always go home to visit. I can't wait to see the pictures of your house. It will take awhile to get used to the creeks and groans of a house so be patient with yourself. Take care,

caryn said...

Your emotional breakdown sounds completely normal, well to me anyway! I went through the same thing, it does get easier, it did take me FOREVER to get use to the quietness which is why my TV was always on! Now I have a 14 month old and would love just 5 minutes of the quietness back :)! Can't wait to see pictures!

Candace said...

That is the cutest house, as far as I can see the only reason to be sad is that I will be moved in with Dyeanne!!!! My dream is coming true!
Congrats and just be glad that you are still in TN and not in, let's say, Florida, then you would have something to cry about!

The Adventures of Jing and Ying said...

I just discovered your blog but wanted to chime in about your new house. First of all, your new house is gorgeous and I love the way you have it decorated.

Second, it is completely normal to have mixed emotions about moving. My husband, kids and I moved in February to a beautiful house. I was in tears when we moved. The house we moved from we had built in 2000. It was only 8 years old but held so many memories for us. I was so depressed about the move that I felt like we made a mistake by moving.

That was 5 months ago, and now I love our new house. We are creating new memories in the new house, and so will you. Just give it time. What you're going through is so normal :)

(rq user name: erenihan)

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