Monday, September 7, 2009

I Love Labor Day!

I love Labor Day...the long weekend, the expectation of fall it brings, and the beginning of football! What a great weekend! I had some out of town guests in yesterday for a labor day cookout.
This is (me), Aunt Judy, Aunt Shelby, Cousin Debbie, Great Aunt Bub, Great Aunt Mot, and Grandma
I'm also ready for may be a bit early but I wanted to be all decorated for my guests.

I made the monogrammed pumpkins last year. The directions are here.

Love the simple arrangement of wheat tired around a vase.

I saw a similar display on Martha Stewart's website and had to copy it here. This is the link to her directions and templates of the jar labels! Imagine Eddie and Maddie's face when they walked into my house and saw these jars of candy!!!! Eddie got one of the orange and white sticks and ate the whole thing...and then smeared his sticky hands on my white sofa! ha! Of course, Maddie's favorite were the gumballs!

My big purchase were these jack o lantern shades and pumpkin and bat magnetic chrystal charms for the chandelier in the dining room. I bought them here.

Everything else I just gathered from mom's attic!

I love fall, do you?


Jill said...

Great Halloween decor. Love the candy jars. I LOVE fall. I just wish we had more of a fall in Texas.

Danielle Moss said...

LOVE your Halloween decor. Fabulous. You know I LOVE fall!

Mama P said...

I LOVE your blog and I found this darling shabby chic pumpkin and print on and thought of's the link if you're interested![]=tags&includes[]=title

Emily Doss said...

I saw this website and thought of you. It's got some cutesy clothes and it's all for an adoption.

I can just picture little Molly all decked out. :)

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